Nichols Paper Products Company, Inc.
Nichols Paper Products Company, Inc.

8995 Pine Street

P.O. Box 137

Nichols, WI 54152

United States

TEL: (920) 833-6895
For nearly 60 years, Nichols Paper has manufactured quality industrial/commercial packaging products for practically every industry. Some of the items include: bearing wrap, cable wrap, oiled/metal parts wrap, wire wrap, furniture wrap, street and flag pole wrap, hatchery tray liners, custom gift wrap, tablecover rolls, wet and dry wax papers, creped papers, paper garment and hanger covers to name a few. Nichols Paper is a leader in wide web printing on specialty paper, films and nonwovens.
Brian Dahlin
Director of Sales
(920) 833-1969
Business DetailsCharter Member


  Years Established: 20+
  Annual Sales: 5 - 25 million
  No. Employees: 25 - 49
  Type of Business: Manufacturer