Wisconsin Exporters Online Program Overview

Wisconsin Exporters Online - Wisconsin's Integrated Global Marketing Initiative Developed Exclusively for Wisconsin Exporters and Export Service Providers.

Your listing in Wisconsin Exporters Online is one component of an integrated global marketing initiative created by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce Bureau of Export Development - Wisconsin's award winning international development organization - in partnership with - The Export Yellow Pages - official export directory of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The goal of this program is to increase international trade opportunities for Wisconsin's export community. How? By providing a simple and affordable promotional platform with a global reach. There are several participation options to choose from:

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Option 1
Get Listed - It's Free and easy!

All Wisconsin exporters and export service providers are eligible for a free listing through the Wisconsin PLUS plan. Registering for the plan ensures your participation in the directory, and qualifies you for additional promotional opportunities at substantial savings. The Wisconsin PLUS plan offers professional features that showcase your company to international buyers. It only takes a few minutes to enter your basic company information and be searchable in the Directory. When you are ready, you can add search keywords, your logo, products, company contacts and much more.

Option 2
Cross-Publish Into The Export Yellow Pages

Adding cross-publishing to your listing is one of the most beneficial features of the program. Cross-publishing automatically includes your listing in The Export Yellow Pages. Listing in this highly referenced directory multiplies your company’s visibility to international trade partners. Wisconsin Exporters Online offers cross-publishing at substantial savings - exclusively for Wisconsin Exporters Online members.

Option 3
Enhance & Cross-Publish

Ready to maximize your global reach? Wisconsin Exporters Online offers two enhanced plans that include cross-publishing into The Export Yellow Pages. Each enhanced plan provides additional promotion features - including product catalogs, expanded messaging capabilities and additional keywords - all tools that help increase your search results. And through this exclusive program, even deeper discounts apply to these enhanced options.

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